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Summer mountaineering

The NSAC offers various courses in the field of summer mountaineering, the preparation of which is partly organized by the ESAC. A number of Alpine activities are also organized by ESAC and NSAC. If you want to know more about these activities right away, then scroll further down.


The NSAC provides (future) alpinists with three courses: A beginners course (C1), a slightly advanced course (C2) and an advanced course (C3). These courses take place in groups, together with fellow students from all over the Netherlands. This way you get to know other SAC people (very nice people!). The course is given by two or three mountain guides or instructors. Below is an overview of the courses that the NSAC offers. All current information can always be found on the NSAC site. To prepare you for these courses, the ESAC offers, among other things, an instruction rope techniques and a tour plan evening. Most of the material for these courses can also be rented (free of charge) at ESAC.

C1 beginners course
Is your ambition alpine climbing, but do you have little or no experience in this? Then this course is the starting point! All alpine basic techniques are discussed intensively during exercises and tours. You will be made familiar with various techniques in both rock, snow and ice. You also make a start with rope techniques, orientation and other alpine skills, such as meteorology and hazard perception. This is done in a way that is aimed at giving you a solid foundation to be able to make simple trips independently. More information and all entry requirements can be found here.

C2 light advanced course
The logical continuation of a beginner's course, but also for those who have already acquired comparable courses outside the NSAC, is the C2 course. In addition to repeating and brushing up the skills that you have acquired in your beginners course, a lot of attention is paid to rope-making and touring. This course offers you the opportunity to gain the experience necessary to make a start with light independent tours in alpine rock terrain. More information and all entry requirements can be found here.

C2 Wellness: light advanced course for the most motivated
The program of the C2-Wellness course is an extension of the C2 and aims to offer the most motivated alpinists something extra. By going out with a motivated group of people and more extensive preparation, more and more difficult trips can be made during the course during the summer than usually on a C2. In addition, there will be a strong focus on the management of basic techniques and safety. More information and all entry requirements can be found here.

C3 Wellness: Advanced course for the most motivated
Do you want to discover the most challenging places in the Alps? Perhaps the crème de la crème of the summer program, C3 Wellness, is something for you!

By going out with a motivated group of people and a more extensive preparation, more and more difficult trips can be made during the course during the than at any other course. Even after C2 Wellness this adventure is definitely worth it! Do you have ambitions to become an Alpine Instructor? Then C3 Wellness is a valuable addition. More information and all entry requirements can be found here.


Coming into contact with ice climbing during C1


Enjoying the view during C1


Once you have followed one or more alpine courses, you can then independently go with fellow (E)SAC members. To this end, both ESAC and NSAC organize multiple activities. The details about the activities appear in the agenda.

ESAC Basic Camp Idea (EBI)
At the ESAC there are a lot of alpinists who like to go out with other ESAC members a few times a year for beautiful and tough trips. ESAC also organizes a week for this every year with lots of mountaineering, climbing and fun in the Alps, or; the famous ESAC Base Camp Idea (EBI). From this base camp we look for climbing areas, mountain huts and enjoy nature. You are free to come and go as you please, while doing whatever you want. You are of course responsible for your own safety and that of your fellow travelers. Read more about safety and accident prevention in a safe sports climate.

NSAC summer campsite
Every year the NSAC arranges a place where all SAC members from all over the country can come together to make trips from there. Whether you've just done C1, are an experienced mountaineer or have never been to the mountains before; everyone is welcome! More about the location and data can be found here.

Alpine weekend / Alpine week
Outside the EBI, the ESAC regularly organizes an Alpine weekend or an Alpine week, in which we, as ESAC, leave for a long weekend or week in the Alps to make trips. For this you must at least have completed the Alpine basic course (C1).


Mountaineering during the EBI


The famous BBQ during the EBI