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The board is responsible for keeping the association running. Besides a chairman, secretary and treasurer, the positions of climbing commissioner and material commissioner are standard at ESAC. Regularly the board consists of more board members: the board has for example also a vice president. The board changes annually, if you are interested in what the board exactly does and if it is something for you, send an email to bestuur@esac.nl. They will be happy to tell you more about it! Old boards can be found here.

48th board of ESAC - "No Time to dyno"

President: Jarth Vons
+31 6 24595226

Heyy! My name is Jarth and I am the 48th president of ESAC. I joined ESAC 2 and a half years ago now and have been climbing probably all my life. My parents were both in SACs as well (the GSAC and DSAC) so they brought me to the mountains the moment I could walk and it seems that paid off since I’m still going back every summer and winter. When I was younger I did my J1, which is like C1 but for even younger people, and from then on I did alpine tours almost every summer. Since the lockdown I started bouldering a lot more often and so I finally started climbing more than just during summer break. This was a hit and so a year after I started studying in Eindhoven I joined ESAC. 

Other than climbing and the mountains there are also a few things I like to do, like football, tennis, skiing, surfing and, if I want to calm down, reading.

Secretary: Pepijn Korevaar

Hey, I'm Pepijn. I am the secretary of the ESAC for this year When I was little my dad always took me to the mountains and I just wanted to play on my DS. But since returning to the mountains with ESAC now that I'm in my second year of my bachelor mechanical engineering, I’ve found that I enjoy climbing and alpinism a lot more than I thought. In my spare time you will often find me either climbing, running or reading. I also like to travel and I collect fridge magnets wherever I go.

Treasurer: Katja van den Hooven

Hi! I am Katja, the 48th treasurer of ESAC. I’m 20 years old and in my third year of arts and crafts. I have been bouldering for about two years now and joined ESAC 1,5 years ago because I wanted to meet other climbing enthusiasts and was interested in outdoor climbing. I’ve already met so many amazing people within the association, and am looking forward to a great year with my fellow board members! Besides climbing, I also love elephants, travelling, doing creative stuff, reading, and hiking (although apparently, hiking becomes a lot less fun after almost 20 hours…).

Vice President: Maaike Geertruida Hoven

Hi everyone! My name is Maaike and I am the vice-president of the 48th board. When I was younger I lived quite far from climbing halls, so I climbed trees and buildings instead. When I started living in Eindhoven, I joined ESAC because I wanted to climb and go to the mountains more often. In the past 2.5 years of being active at ESAC, I have met many good friends and have done some awesome climbing. Becoming a board member feels like a nice way for me to contribute to the association that I have really enjoyed so far, and I am looking forward to a great year . Next to climbing, I study Applied Physics (or I might already be starting my Fusion master by the time you read this). My other hobbies include sailing, swimming, and eating brie(2).

Climbing Commissioner: Daniel Conijn

Hi! I’m Daniel, the 48th climbing commissioner of the esac. As a kid my parents took me to the mountains almost every vacation, and I grew to love it there. Then when a friend introduced me to bouldering 2 years ago I quickly loved that as well. 1.5 years ago I joined the esac and have since loved everything about it, especially the sport climbing. So I can’t wait to organize the climbing weekends, and go on as many of them as I can :). Aside from climbing I study Applied Physics, I like to run, make bad puns, and sometimes read or game a bit to relax. I can’t wait to see you all at the climbing weekends! (don’t forget the pie)

Material Commissioner: Thijs Egberts

Hey everyone!

I am Thijs, the 48th Material Commissioner.
I joined ESAC 2,5 years ago and I’m really loving it so far! I unfortunately never really went to the mountains with my parents, but now that I've been there it’s love at first sight :) So far I have really enjoyed single and multi pitching outdoors and just being with all the nice ESAC people. So I’m definitely looking forward to a wonderful year together with all the other kandis :)

Besides ESAC I’m also 21 years old and a third year computer science student, so hit me up when your printer needs fixing.