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The board is responsible for keeping the association running. Besides a chairman, secretary and treasurer, the positions of climbing commissioner and material commissioner are standard at ESAC. Regularly the board consists of more board members: the board has for example also a vice president. The board changes annually, if you are interested in what the board exactly does and if it is something for you, send an email to bestuur@esac.nl. They will be happy to tell you more about it! Old boards can be found here.

47th board of ESAC - "Let's send the night together"

President: Milva Baar

Hey! I’m Milva and I'm the 47th president of ESAC. 1.5 years ago I joined ESAC and started climbing. That year I also did my C1 course and I am excited to go back to the Alps this summer! When I was young, my parents always went on holiday to the mountains, where we hiked a lot and climbed a few via ferratas. That is where my love for the mountains started. And after one year of studying in Eindhoven, I joined ESAC. Right now I am in my third year bachelor of chemical engineering and chemistry. Other things I like to do besides climbing are judo, making clothes and talking a lot (I once got called a verbal bulldozer). I am really excited about becoming board.. Hope to see you at the next ESAC activity or at one of the climbing halls :).

Secretary: Elena Pronk

Hi! I’m Elena, the secretary. I joined ESAC 1,5 years ago and also got addicted to climbing around that time. Since getting my indoor lead certificate I have been looking forward to going outside more! Besides climbing and bouldering I also love drawing/painting, playing guitar and saxophone, and walking barefoot on grass. Oh and making puns! Which is causing some annoyance in the candidate board already hehe:) Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing more of you in the coming year!

Treasurer: Nick Verhoeven

Heyhey! I’m Nick, the 47th treasurer. I’m 19 years old and study electrical engineering. I never really climbed a lot in my life but when I came to Eindhoven to study, I found the ESAC during the intro week. I fell in love with the climbing sport and really liked to hang out with the people within the association. To do something in return I decided that I wanted to become a board member. And as I like money, becoming treasurer suits me well:) So expect to get some nice invoices from me the coming year (and don’t forget to pay them!!)

Vice President: Martin Rydlo

Hello! I am Martin and I'm 20 years old. I joined ESAC when I came to Eindhoven right after the summer of 2021 to study Electrical Engineering. This is also when I properly started climbing together with a group of friends including Nick. I'm from the Czech Republic but I'm learning Dutch and getting pretty good at it 😉. I've always felt really good and welcome here at ESAC, which is a great bonus along with the awesome sport of climbing. I am the vice-president for the 47th board and I'm looking forward to a fun year of climbing, activities and organising the association. You can see me around at the Uni, Neoliet and Monk. Always feel free to approach me. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Climbing Commissioner: Rosanna Meijer

Hello my friends! I'm Rosanna, the 47th candidate climbing commissioner. When I was little my parents introduced me to climbing. Even though I never wanted to come down (read: dared to come down woops) I have loved it ever since. Wanting to explore the climbing scene more, I joined ESAC 1.5 years ago. Next to climbing I sometimes pretend to study bouwkunde (aka butchering all adobe programs hehe).
I hope to see you all on the climbing weekends! Ps don't forget to bring a cake 👀

Material Commissioner: Thomas van Bodegraven

Hey everyone! I am Thomas, the material commissioner of the ESAC. I joined ESAC 3.5 years ago right when I started studying and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The people are super kind and it’s a great atmosphere to improve in the sport we all love. I started off as a boulderer, but I am currently exploring many other disciplines ESAC has to offer. Next to climbing I study electrical engineering and enjoy listening to the puns of our secretary. I am very much looking forward to this year and excited to be part of the 47th board with these lovely people!