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Indoor Toprope

Target audience
New members without indoor climbing experience who participate in the introductory package. More about becoming a member and the introduction periods can be found hereThis course is - if you do not have any experience- compulsory if you want to go on an introduction weekend and is the basis for your climbing career within the ESAC. This applies to both sport climbing and mountaineering.

Entry Requirements

  • Be motivated to climb at ESAC!
  • Participate in the ESAC introductory package
  • Compulsory attendance at all course evenings

The course consists of the following parts:

  1. Three indoor toprope course evenings
  2. Indoor toprope exam evening

With this course, you will learn step-by-step everything important for climbing and belaying another climber in the climbing hall. Topics discussed included belaying a climber, safety devices and different binding methods. If there is time left during the course, there will also be an explanation of different climbing techniques. With this course, one can also climb outside under the supervision of an instructor.


The indoor toprope course takes place twice per study year.

  • After the summer break in Q1
  • During the spring intro in Q4

The exact dates are shown in the agenda when they are known.


  • Harness
  • Safebiner
  • Belaying device
  • Climbing shoes (optional)

All materials - except clothing and climbing shoes - can be borrowed during this course. It is possible to purchase a basic set of climbing gear during the course.

The costs for this course are included in the ESAC introduction package.

This course is included in the introduction package and cannot be taken separately. More information about the introductory package can be found on the page becoming a member. Do you have questions about the toprope course? Then mail the intro@esac.nl and oc@esac.nl.