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Frequently asked questions

When/how can I become a member?
Press the yellow sign up button in the top-right or press this link. You will need to own a SSC sportscard.

What does the ESAC do? What is ESAC?
The ESAC is the Eindhovense Student Alpine Club. The ESAC is the place to be if you want to do climbing, bouldering and/or alpinism. Go here for more information.

Can I sign up for any activity/course?
If you are a member you can sign up for any activity or course. Be sure to check the requirements in the agenda-item as some activities or courses (for example weekends) may require specific climbing certificates.

When do you train?
The ESAC organizes several trainings per week. More details about these trainings can be found in either the agenda or the training overview.

Do I need to buy any materials to join?
In order to join certain trainings a toprope certificate, climbing harness and belaying device are required. The easiest way to get these is to join our intro where you quickly learn everything you need to know and we have a material deal. Click here for more information.

How do I join a commitee?
You can find all of the committees the ESAC has here. To join a committee it is best to approach a current member of said committee to express your interest or send an email to the committee itself.

How do I become Kader?
For more information about becoming Kader please refer to this page.

How do/can I transfer my previous certificates? 
You can send an email to OC (educational committee)

Do you have drinks at ESAC?
Yes, here at ESAC we often have a drink after our training and we organize monthly drinks. These activities and more can be found in the agenda.