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Every year a number of competitions are organized within ESAC. During these competitions, ESACers compete with each other to call themselves the best climber or boulderaar of the ESAC!


The EBoC, ESAC Boulder Competition, takes place at the boulder wall in SSC. The EPlaKKa committee organizes this competition in collaboration with the boulderwall committee. Around 40 routes are built that everyone (including non-ESAC members) can climb. This competition takes place annually around February / March.

Winners through the years

Year Gentlemen Ladies
2018 Gijs Koolen Tsveti
2019 Casper Meskers Isabelle Franklin
2021 Igor Kersten Eva Duyvesteyn
Year Advanced Intermediate Beginner
2022 Jorn Robben Eva Duyvesteyn Pepijn Korevaar
2023 Emile Ducornez Arthur Hafkenscheid Matej Novosad


The EPlaKKa, ESAC Plastic Climb Championship, is held every year to determine who is the best climber and climber of the ESAC. Winners of this great competition will receive the famous EPlaKKa exchange trophy. The EPlaKKa is usually held in May and appears in the agenda.

Winners through the years
The winners, and proud owners of the exchange cup of the past editions!

Year Gentlemen Ladies
1994 Marcel Heemskerk Henriëtte Ederveen
1995 Harold Moody Pauline van de Broeke
1996 Harold Moody Pauline van de Broeke
1997 Ton van den Berg Pauline van de Broeke
1998 Leo Broekmans Yvonne Hermens
1999 Leo Broekmans en Ton van den Berg Tessel Doucet
2000 Ton van den Berg Hélène Brouard
2001 Michel Dickhaut Annemieke Adams
2002 Frank Koppens Katerina Musialkova
2003 Michel Dickhaut Neeltje Tops
2004 Frank Koppens Judith van der Geijn
2005 Frank Koppens Judith van der Geijn
2006 Adam van Eekeren Judith van der Geijn
2007 Martijn Dijkhuizen Wanda Idelovica
2008 Fred van Nijnatten Mariska Veldink
2009 Fons Pijpens Anke Baltussen
2010 Fons Pijpens Eef Brouns
2011 Corien Prins Corien Prins
2012 Fred van Nijnatten Corien Prins
2013 Corien Prins Bas Walgers
2014 Jasper Lanters Marijke de Kroes
2015 Bas Walgers Sanne Maas
2016 Bram van Kasteren Femke de Bot
2017 Bram van Kasteren Eva Vink
2018 Timo Bras Florianne van Roosmalen
2019 Paul Flintrop Isabelle Franklin
2020 Jules Kluwer Isabelle Franklin
2021 Bram van Kasteren Isabelle Franklin
Year Advanced Intermediate Beginner
2022 Joshua Myers Arvid Mikkers Niels Kraakman
Robin van Velzen
Jeppe van Broekhoven
Evelijn Markvoort

EPlaKKa, according to Leo
To get a good taste of this great competition, you can read a piece of EPlaKKa Champion Leo here: 

... you leave your body ...

Climbing is a sport of mind and body. The body must naturally climb, but is nevertheless guided by a strong mind. The mental peace turns into a trance. Man and rock become one. The grips present themselves wherever you touch. Your foot automatically goes to the right holf. The consciousness evaporates, you leave your body, and you see yourself. To move. Flexible, no fatigue, no pain, no fear. Only a universe of rock and bumps and blue sky. Warmth, cold, wind, they are from another world, a world that I don't know.

... The steel links tie you back ...

A feeling of floating. Gravity? Birds also have gravity, but they still fly. And I climb. I climb into an endless world of stone, millions of years old and I belong, I am one with it, I live and can live forever in this one moment. A shiny piece of steel, a chain. The universe of the climber, the sport climber, it ends with the chain. The steel links bind you back to this world, your guarantor calls, you're already there, it's cold here, hurry up! He calls your soul back into your body, but you don't want to. If only I could climb on that other planet forever. Rock and stone and eternity.

... to win the dog bowl ...

What am I doing here? Wood and plastic and a sense of what am I doing here? Compete with others for the dog bowl. The wall is not a friend but your greatest enemy, fighting from grip to grip. It is miles away from this feeling, which only occurs sporadically. The feeling you are climbing for. The empty mind, full of, of, yes, of what? From climbing, to that other world, within yourself and beyond! A climbing competition, the Eplakka. Simply, two holds further than the rest. Yeah, it's that easy!