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Training overview

Technical training

Multiple trainings are given every week, for both beginners and advanced climbers. To participate, you must both be a member of the ESAC and have a sports card. For sport climbing training you must be in possession of a Toprope certificate. This can be obtained at ESAC at the start of the academic year and with the spring intro at the Indoor Toprope course. For more courses see the courses section.


Free climbing and bouldering

There are also plenty of opportunities for ESAC people to climb outside of organized training courses and climbing weekends. Especially on Mondays and Thursdays, when climbing is extra cheap, chances are that you will bump into other members. In addition to the discounts described below, there are many more discount promotions especially for ESAC members (link discounts and partners).

Note that for the free climbing moments in Neoliet South, you need to subscribe in the agenda.

Meet the trainers

Our trainings are not possible without our lovely trainers! Below they give a small introduction of themselves.

Dirk van Mierlo - Monday training

Hi, I'm Dirk. I am a climber and teacher with 30 + years of experience in climbing in 15 + countries/states. I love all sports. I got involved with ESAC in 1984: I carried two buckets of sand. Or stones? Don't remember...

Jerin Emmen - Thursday training

Hello! I'm Jerin and I have developed a sweet spot for almost all disciplines of mountain sports. From bouldering to ice climbing, but especially (outdoor) sportsclimbing. I have now been giving trainings and instructions for ESAC and Neoliet for about five years.

The biggest pleasure of giving a training I get from challenging every participant at their own level of prestations, so they can get the most out of themselves climbing both inside and outside.

See you in the climbing hall!

Johannes Fieber - Thursday training

Hello I am Johannes and together with Jerin I give the sports climbing on thursday. I started climbing back when I was in middle school back in France, then i joined my local climbing club and became more serious about it. When I moved to the Netherlands I didn't expect there to be such a great community around climbing and mountain sports, it kinda feels like a second familiy. I am now really happy to train people and give back to that community!

Ime Rasenberg - Tuesday training

Hello there! I'm Ime, and I give the Tuesday training sessions at ESAC. I'm passionate about climbing and training HARD. I've done a lot of bouldering for the past 12 years, but a year ago I started my climbing journey and have been loving it. If you share my passion for climbing, I'd be thrilled to have you join me for our Tuesday training sessions!