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Becoming an instructor


Target Group
Do you really like climbing and do you like to guide others through this? Then becoming an instructor is something for you!

As an instructor you regularly help during courses or climbing weekends. This is quite a time investment. Apart from the fact that this is very nice for non-independent climbers, you get help yourself:

  • You develop yourself in both climbing technical, didactic, and organisitorial areas
  • As outdoor kader (instructor), part of the weekend price is refunded
  • It is fun to be kader at the ESAC, and besides you give something back to the community and the continuity in the climbing education
  • A lot of appreciation, including lots of cake at week-ends and courses

There are possibilities to enter in the training program, as also indicated in the flow chart on the right.

  1. After passing your IT/IV exam: Indoor Toprope/Lead Instructor (KISS I2 and KISS I3)
  2. After passing your SP exam: Outdoor Instructeur Single Pitch (SKI-OV-SP)
  3. After passing your MP exam: Outdoor Instructor Multi Pitch (SKB-OV and SKI-OV-SP)
  4. After obtaining an instructor license you can obtain licenses (PB, BE, LC) to supervise training staff

In principle, after the SKI-OV-SP, the ESAC trains to SKI-OV-MP, which is an endorsement on the instructor's license. This license is much more versatile and allows you to teach all courses that the ESAC offers.

In principle, two information moments are organized annually in which you receive information about becoming a manager. These information moments can be found in the agenda. After such an information moments you can register and the Education Committee will test you during one evening for the entry requirements, which can be found below.

After an intake, a contact person from the OC will be assigned (Indoor trajectory) or a Learning Coach (Outdoor trajectory) and will guide you further.

Entry Requirements
To enroll in the KISS I2 / I3 course you must:

  • Passed IT or IV exam;
  • Part of this training takes place at Neoliet. Here you give a few courses and you will be in front of the group a lot

To enroll in the SKB / SKI-OV-SP training you must:

  • Passed OV-MP exam;
  • Leadclimb at least 5+ smoothly
  • NKBV membership + mountaineering insurance

In addition you should:

  • Be proactive in your education trajectory and be willing to learn a lot
  • Be willing to make time for the training and then actively use yourself as an instructor
  • Be enthusiastic about climbing!

Within the instructors and supervisors there are roughly 7 different levels. As explained earlier, you can enter levels 1 (IT) or 3 (SP) or 4 (SKB), on the same level as you have your own licence (KVB. At a level you have the skills and responsibilities of all levels up to that level.

You can also 'stack' different licenses. That is, for example, first becoming an I2 instructor and then SKI-SP. This allows you to flow through the course faster and in the meantime you gain a lot of experience with teaching and standing in front of the group. If you are going to follow a (outdoor) instructor training course, you will also be assigned a Learning Coach who will compile the training plan with you, guide you during the process, and check with the PBs whether you are ready for the exam.

The courses are centrally supervised by the NKBV, but are entirely provided by the ESAC. ESAC is on behalf of a recognized training center.

All courses at ESAC are hosted bi-lingual. However, all of the educational material of the NKBV is available in the Dutch language. This does not limit a non-Dutch speaker to follow any of the educational tracks, but do discuss this topic with the educational committee (OC).

1. KISS Indoor Toprope Instructor (KISS - I2)
As a KISS I2 you can help with beginners courses. You learn new members to safely climb and belay.

2. KISS Indoor Leadclimbing Instructor (KISS - I3)
As a KISS I3 you can help with indoor leadclimbing courses. You learn how to safely lead climbing and belay leadclimbers.

3. Sport climbing guide Outdoor Leadclimbing (SKB-O)
Becoming an SKB is a possible first step in the training process of an instructor. If you are an SKB you can go out with non-independent climbers during the weekends and you can help during the courses. You guide a group of 2-3 climbers. During a course or weekend there is always a SKI present who is responsible for the weekend or course.

After obtaining your SKB and gaining some experience you can continue to SKI-OV-MP.

More about this training can be found on the NKBV site.

4. Sport climbing Instructor Outdoor Leadclimbing Single Pitch (SKI-OV-SP)
Another option, besides becoming SKB, is to become a SKI-SP. You then become a sports climbing instructor in one step, basically in the field of single-pitching.

As a sports climbing instructor you not only guide several groups during a weekend, but you are responsible for the instruction during the weekends and during the courses. As a sports climbing instructor you provide sports climbing courses and you are authorized to issue the climbing skill certificate. As a sports climbing instructor you guide several groups during a weekend, and you are responsible for the instruction during the weekends and during the courses.

As an instructor within the ESAC, it is in principle the intention that you eventually obtain the SKI-OV-MP, which can be used more widely. You can go for SKI-OV-SP and the SKI-OV-MP endorsement in one exam.

More about this training can be found on the NKBV site.

5. Sport climbing Instructor Outdoor Leadclimbing Multi Pitch (SKI-OV-MP)
This means that you can act as an instructor during OV-SP and OV-MP courses in all well-hooked climbing areas. You can multipitch with rope groups and give them instruction.

With this license you are the most versatile for the ESAC. Other license notes include Trad, Klettersteig, and ice climb/drytool.

More about this training can be found on the NKBV site.

6. Practice Counselor (PB)
As an instructor you supervise courses in which cadre training is also provided. The practical supervisor (PB) is an instructor who guides cadre in their educational track (KIO) in the execution of their assignments.

You discuss the training details, observe in practice and give feedback. You work together with the learning coach and OC, and thus ensure an optimal learning climate.

More about this training can be found on the NKBV site.

7a. Learning Coach (LC)
If you are a PB, you can become LC. As a learning coach you are ultimately responsible for the courses. As a learning coach you coordinate the learning trajectory instructors in their educational track. More about this training can be found on the NKBV site.

7b. Assessor (BE)
If you are an PB you can become an assessor as well. You take exams as an assessor. You monitor the quality of the training courses together with the learning coach and practical counselor. More about this training can be found on the NKBV site.

Instructor handbook
You can lend a pair of NSAC instructor handbooks at the ESAC library.

Unfortunately the instructor manual is no longer available for sale, luckily there is a replacement website