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Merchandise and clothing

Would you also like to associate yourself with ESAC? Then order one of our goodies. The ESAC training shirt is a classic and the buffs never get out of fashion.

ESAC training shirt Renewed!

Make sure you are in possession of the new ESAC shirt, so that you will soon be super cool again and your old shirt can be stored in your ESAC merchandising archive! As an association we are very recognizable by our 'uniform', especially in the climbing halls of Eindhoven. In addition to shirts, there are also tank tops!

Both men's and women's models are available,

for only € 10.

Some old models (S-M, female) are still available for € 12.


Initially specially released for our 7th anniversary, the ESAC Buff, but re-ordered due to great success.

Can be worn in countless, more than eight ways. Interested in these variations? Ask the 43rd matco for a demonstration.

The imprint contains the first two couplets of the ESAC song and especially many ESAC logo elements. Keeps you warm or cool and also looks good!

Costs: € 10

Merchandise is sold from the board-cabinet and can usually be paid by direct debit.

Approach the purchase of one of these items by contacting the material commissioner via e-mail or address them during one of the training sessions.