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Merchandise and clothing


This can be worn in countless, more than eight ways. Interested in these variations? Ask the 43rd matco for a demonstration.

The imprint contains the first two verses of the ESAC song and especially many ESAC logo elements. Keeps you warm while you look cool!

Costs: € 10

Lustrum hoodie

From the 9th lustrum of ESAC, the lustrum hoodie is a vintage classic. Instantly recognizable and warm during climbing weekends, this item is a must have! 

Costs: 26,05€

Lustrum brush

Yes, we also still have some brushes left from last lustrum. Flash all your projects by brushing them with this cool brush. Or brush your teeth, they will never be whiter.

Costs: 4,95€

Approach the purchase of one of these items by contacting the material commissioner (matco@esac.nl) via e-mail or address them during one of the training sessions.