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Safe sports climate

Every week you experience together with other ESACers or other climbers one of the most beautiful sports that exists. To ensure that sport remains fun and becomes even more fun, the action plan "Towards a safer sport climate" has been developed at a national level. By stimulating positive behavior, increasing knowledge and skills and tackling undesirable behavior, sports clubs, sports associations and NOC*NSF work together to create a safer sports climate. A climate in which you enjoy sports and can be yourself.

What is a safe sports climate

For ESAC as a student climbing association it's important as well that all our members can practice their sport safely. Both in a technical sense, in a socio-emotional sense and in the field of physical integrity. On this page you can read about technical safety. On the page va 'social safety and well-being' you will read about safety in a social-emotional sense. 

Technical safety

Climbing and mountaineering is not risk-free. We cannot, want not and do not have to deny that. The risks of the sport can be reduced to an acceptable minimum with proper preparation and training.

Informing about the safe practice of climbing and mountaineering and providing training and courses is one of the core task of the ESAC. The ESAC does provide information, but will not explicitly tell you what you can and cannot do. That responsibility lies with the individual himself. A climber or mountain athlete who is responsible for his or her sport has a good dose of (self) knowledge, dares to turn around if something is too dangerous and is open to recommendations to make the sport safer.

However, if you see something happen that you think is not safe, then dare to talk to others about it. It is important for ESAC to know how safety is experienced within the association. If you have experienced a potentially dangerous situation, please let us know so that we can respond to this in the future. Let us know using bestuur@esac.nl and oc@esac.nl.

Report accidents

Together we try to guarantee safety as much as possible and to prevent accidents. Unfortunately, accidents will continue to happen. If you are involved or see this, it is important that the accident is reported on the site klimongevallen.nl. Here, Dutch mountain athletes, sports climbers and mountain hikers can register accidents or near-accidents. By setting up this site we hope to gain a better insight into what goes wrong when practicing mountain sports. But an even more important goal of the site is that everyone can learn from the mistakes or bad luck of others.