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Outdoor Lead Climbing Single-Pitch Course evening 1

From 20 Mar 19:00 to 20 Mar 22:00

General information

Do you already have experience with indoor leadclimbing and do you want to make the step to climb outside? Then this course is what you are looking for. The climbing proficiency certificate Outdoor leadclimbing Single Pitch is namely an entry requirement for the Outdoor Multi Pitch course, where you learn to climb several rope lengths outside. More about all courses within ESAC can be found here.

Outdoor leadclimbing differs from indoor leadclimbing in a number of things. The most obvious difference is that you need a number of rope techniques outside to be able to climb safely. The most important difference, however, is the step from the hall to real rock, from overview indoors to the unclear of the outside and from the safety of a hall to the required self-reliance outside.

Course content

In two evenings (more about second evening here) will be taught in the hall all the techniques that are needed to be able to single-pitch independently outside. Then a technique card is handed out, on which all the techniques that you know are listed. You can then show on climbing weekends that you master the techniques and they will be signed off. If an instructor thinks you are ready for the exam, this will also be indicated on the technique card and you can take the exam the following weekend. A total of three SP weekends are organized of which you need to subscribe to two before attending the course. You are expected to need two to three weekends to pass the exam. Afterwards you will receive the climbing proficiency certificate for outdoor leadclimbing single pitch and you can participate independently on climbing weekends!


There are 14 places for this course. You can register here up to and including Monday 13th of April. If there are more valid registrations than places, a selection is made based on activity within ESAC. The aim is to at least give the active members of the association a place. There is no selection evening.

Entry requirements and expectations

  • Have passed the Indoor lead-climb (IV) exam.
  • Have at least indoor lead climbed twice in the 4 weeks prior to the course. If you pick up a rope at the counter of Neoliet (South or North), ask for it to be noted.
  • In the hall 5+ leadclimb without a block. This will not be checked, but is a guideline for yourself.
  • Compulsory attendance at all classes.
  • Inscription in at least two of the three OV-SP weekends, which are on the agenda. In total you will probably have to take 2-3 weekends before you can take the exam.
  • Willing to invest in material. If you only have the standard material for top roping, this is at least around 40 euros. The price of any (recommended) quickdraws will be added to this.
  • Willing to take out comprehensive mountaineering insurance and annual climbing pass (for access to climbing areas), if you do not yet have it. The most logical option for this is NKBV membership (44 euros), NKBV travel insurance (40 euros) and annual climbing pass (20 euros). In total this is therefore around 100 euros.


The costs for the outdoor lead-climbing Single Pitch course are 30 euros and about 75 euros for the included two weekends. The exact price for the weekends will follow later.


You must have the following materials during the course:

  • Harness
  • Safebiner
  • Belay device
  • Climbing shoes

If you have any other questions please contact the OC via oc@esac.nl 

What: OV-SP course evening 1
Where: Neoliet south, hall upstairs
 20 maart
Time: 19:00 - 22:00