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80's weekend [CANCELLED]

Van 24 Sep 07:30 tot 25 Sep 22:00

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Hey ho climbing people, its time to go climb again! 

This weekend we will be going to SY (and to bomal if you want to climb hard) and we will be going there by train, you might think oh ho ho ho its way to expensive and long, well its not! its about the same time and 2€ cheaper than the car. And we will still have one car to transport all of the stuff.

12 people will have the pleasure to join this unforgetfull weekend, we will also be eating nice french made from our favorite frenchie :) 

The price for this weekend will be 47 euros. 

Subscription is open until 20th of september.

If you would not like to come anymore or want to unsubscribe, you can do this until the 20th of september, after this day the costs will be charged.