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From 24 Feb 12:30 to 24 Feb 20:30

General information

Hey everyone!

On the 24th of February 2024 it is that time of the year again: all members of ESAC can show their sports climbing prowess by competing for the highly valued "bak"! 🥇

This year EPlaKKa will again be at Neoliet Noord!🧗‍♀Also don't worry if you think you aren't the very best climber, EPlaKKa will have multiple categories with prizes so it will be a fun day of competing for everyone! There will be two time slots to climb in, then (optional) dinner and then you can watch or compete in the finals! Only a toprope license is required to participate. 

There are four mixed categories: 
-Oude ballen

To give a preference for a timeslot, please fill in this form

Participating is free, dinner costs €4 and a shirt costs €8. You will still have to pay entree for Neoliet north.
To get dinner you have until the 15th of February to subscribe
The final deadline to subscribe is on the 22nd of February
Unfortunately the deadline to get a shirt has passed

We hope to see you there! 

When: 24th of February 12:30-20:30
Where: Neoliet Noord, Eindhoven
Costs: Free to participate, 
€4 for dinner and €8 for a shirt