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Transfer GMM day 1

From 27 Feb 17:00 to 27 Feb 23:15

General information

It's time again for a general members meeting! And not just any GMM the most fun of them all: the Transfer GMM. During this GMM the boards will switch their members. But before the 48th will takeover, the 47th will discuss and present the following subjects:


  1. Evaluation of the year
  2. Financials of the year presented by our beloved treasurer Nick
  3. Proposal for compensation OSZ people

All relevant documents will be sent to you via email at least 10 days beforehand.

You can join us for dinner beforehand by filling out the sign up form. You can find the menu here. The deadline for this is the day before in the evening, so make sure you don't forget.

Hope to see you there!

XXX the 47th

17:30 - 18:45 Dinner
19:00 - 23:00 GMM

Location: Trafalgar Pub