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ESAC dies: Candy crush🍭

From 24 Feb 21:00 to 24 Feb 23:59

General information

Have you ever wanted to be a candy or dress like one? Well, now is your chance! It is almost time again for the ESAC Dies 😱. With this year's theme: Candy Crush🍭! Dress as sweet as you can, dress as a cutie pie🥧 or just wear candy. The ESAC Dies will be the sweetest party you ever went too💃. More information such as the time will follow later, but for now keep the date free. See you at the candy crush party cutie pies, sweethearts💖, cupcake queens🧁, cookie monsters🍪 and sugar daddies. 

XXX from the ParTee 💋💋

P.s. Other SACs are also invited, some of these peole will need a place to sleep after the party. If you have 1 or more spots, please fill in this form, so they can also enjoy the party till the end!

When: 24-02-2024 

Where: Neoliet Noord, Eindhoven

Costs: €3,-