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Monday Toprope course 2/4

From 25 Sep 19:00 to 25 Sep 21:00

General information

Before you can safely climb and belay and do this independently, it is mandatory to get your Indoor Toprope license. Participating in this Indoor Toprope course from ESAC is only possible if you register for the entire intro package. All the techniques are taught to you in three evenings so that you have a good chance to pass your exam on the fourth evening. If you do not make it, the following week an extra lesson is offered. The following week is the re-exam. Practice shows that (almost) everyone completes the Indoor Toprope course within two exams.

During the course you can borrow almost all climbing material from ESAC. What you have to bring is:

  • Sports clothes, or at least clothes where you can move around freely;
  • Sport shoes, or climbing shoes if you already have them.

On this first evening is discussed:

  • Introduction to material;
  • First time climbing;
  • Securing with various safety devices;
  • Learning partner check.

The hall is closed the whole evening for free climbing.