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Wednesday training (advanced)

From 25 Jan 19:30 to 25 Jan 21:15

General information

There is a training for beginners as well as for advanced people.

If the weather allows it, we can also climb at the Boulderburcht outside. This will be communicated on the day itself in the ESAC United WhatsApp group.

Training 1 (advanced): 19:30 - 21:15

Training 2 (beginners) 20:45 - 22:15

We have a capacity of 40 people for both trainings!

There are no qualifications for the advanced training, so even if you can't climb very well, you can also come here if the other time slot is full.

Please don't come if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, obviously.

People who are not ESAC members are also very welcome! Be sure to register by sending an email to bestuur@esac.nl, so we can welcome you.