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Donderdag Slot 1: Vrij Klimmen

Van 24 Nov 18:00 tot 24 Nov 20:30

Algemene informatie

This timeslot is for free climbing at Neoliet Eindhoven-Zuid. 

Note: After this timeslot training starts with a warming up at 20:15. Please give the people the space they need. You can continue climbing until 20:30.

  • Sign up for yourself only (so if you have a climbing partner, you both have to sign up).
  • You can agree to climb with someone, but if you don't have a partner, you can come to the training and you can find a partner there!
  • A toprope certificate and a sportscard are mandatory.
  • If you don't have an ESAC sticker on your Neoliet pass, you can get it there. They are needed for these trainings and for discounts at Neoliet! They are only for ESAC members who have a sportscard.