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Monday Training Boulderburcht

From 26 Sep 19:45 to 26 Sep 22:00

General information

Due to the IT course for intro kiddo's there is unfortunately no space in Neoliet-South for training. However, that doesn't mean there won't be any training! We have decided to move the training to the Boulderburght.

  • Training starts at 19:45, and lasts until 21:45
  • Dirk will do an abs session at 22:00
  • Bring a towel, because we're going to do some exercises inside the fitness room as well!

Of course, since the boulderburght is outside, we will only train if the weather is nice. What is nice weather you might ask? Dirk has come up with the following definition: 12 °C or more, and no rain. If this is not the case there won't be training.

See you then!