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19 May

Trainings at the Boulderburght

This news item contains a lot of important information. Make sure to read it in its entirety before you go climbing!

For those who have been itching to climb again for the past couple months, we have good news! The SSC has decided to open up trainings in open areas. For this reason, we will reopen trainings on Monday and Wednesday at the Boulderburght, starting with this Wednesday the 20th of May.

There will be two timeslots:

-        18:30 – 20:00

-        20:30 – 22:00

To ensure everything happens safely and responsibly we have set up a number of regulations:

-        12 people are allowed to climb. Other than that, trainer Dirk and 1 or 2 board members will be present.

-        You can only subscribe with a partner, Both of you have to subscribe. If you can’t find a climbing partner you can use the Monday training/ESAC United app groups for a partner. 

-        If you subscribe you are expected to come to the training. Notify the board if you aren’t capable of coming to the training or if you are sick, as well as notifying your partner, so they can find a replacement.

-        Be strict with these timeslots and leave/come to the trainings on time.

-        Like with normal trainings you have to show your Neoliet card with the ESAC sticker.

-        Always keep at least 1.5 meters distance from others.

-        There is a one-way traffic policy around the boulderburght to make sure people aren’t walking past each other. This is indicated with arrows. Do not go the other way unless necessary!

-        Everyone brings and uses their own equipment (belt, safebiner, safety device, shoes, pof etc.) that are NEVER rented out to others. If you forget something, we can’t help you!

-        We ensure that at each rope a bottle of disinfectant is present. We also hang a paper per rope with a short summary of the rules that you have to follow.

-        Members must also disinfect their hands at the entrance and they are informed about the rules.

-        For the partnercheck to be done at a safe distance we will follow the procedure set up by the NKBV:https://nkbv.nl/files/Kenniscentrum/Sportklimmen/COVID%20Partnercheck.pdf

-        Follow this order while climbing:

o   Disinfect (Make sure your hands are dry before you start working on the rope or the wall)

o   Tie on rope

o   Climbing / Belaying,

o   Untie rope

o   Disinfect

Signing up for trainings has to be done by Friday 18:00 for the Monday training, and by Monday 18:00 for the Wednesday training using the form in the agenda item. We will notify you via email if you are allowed to join. DO NOT COME if you are not invited!